Introduction to Cultural Jambalaya

About Cultural Jambalaya

Cultural Jambalaya, a 501(c)(3) Minnesota-based nonprofit, is a volunteer-run organization that uses international cultural photography to promote understanding and respect for all people. 

Cultural Jambalaya’s videos use photography as a creative teaching tool for educators in the classroom to broaden worldviews of students by illustrating our diverse cultural backgrounds. Cultural Jambalaya also works with multicultural businesses and organizations as part of their diversity initiatives, and marketing or employee programs.


Cultural Jambalaya was founded by Gail Shore, who has had the privilege of traveling internationally for over 40 years. Gail’s self-funded, solo treks take her primarily to countries whose cultures are influenced by their unique traditions, including their religions. For years, she has felt an urgency to explore places whose fragile, native cultures and environments are in jeopardy.

Most often, her journeys include third-world countries that have ambitious plans to further their economic development. But as these countries modernize, they are also at risk of losing parts of their cultural identities, traditions, and rituals.

As Gail explores these regions, she has the opportunity to spend time with local people, sample their daily lifestyle and participate in their rich traditions. She wants to capture an interesting image that is representative of a place that most people will probably never visit. Then, she wants others to learn something about other people and places they might not have known.

Cultural Jambalaya believes the more we know about each other’s history, culture, and religion, the more understanding we can become of our differences.

Cultural Jambalaya’s “Windows & Mirrors” Educational Video Series; Teaching Tools Widening World Views of Students

Cultural Jambalaya’s award-winning, educational videos for teachers, “Windows & Mirrors,” includes global images and narratives highlighting fascinating people and intriguing cultures. Supported by an online study guide, the videos are a resource for teachers to engage students in a variety of subjects, including social studies, geography, history, diversity, and language.

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