These young Syrian school boys in Homs were about to face a horrific, inexplicable civil war.

Our Mission

Cultural Jambalaya is a photography-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote understanding and respect for all cultures. Cultural Jambalaya aims to celebrate cultural differences — and similarities — while benefiting nonprofit organizations and schools.

Exciting news!

Cultural Jambalaya will partner with New York-based ProjectExplorer to bring new, free cultural educational resources to millions of students. The new collaboration will provide classrooms with free multimedia content and lesson plans that improve students’ global awareness and cross-cultural understanding.

The new partnership will rebrand Cultural Jambalaya’s current video series as “Seen By Me.” ProjectExplorer has created a new online channel on its website to showcase the new series.

Dozens of newly produced episodes are in the works. The first episode in the Seen By Me video series is “World Heritage Sites – Middle East.”

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Your support allows us to create educational programming and materials that broaden our world views and help us learn more about our diverse multicultural society. Cultural Jambalaya believes the more we know about each other’s history, culture and religion, the more understanding we can become of one another. 


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The Latest

ProjectExplorer and Cultural Jambalaya have the WORLD in common!

ProjectExplorer has created a brand new online channel where kids can explore different places and perspectives, share art and stories, and interact with the global community - through photography! The channel is home to Seen By Me, a new educational video series that features the amazing world photography of Gail Shore - an intrepid traveler and storyteller, and founder and executive director of Cultural Jambalaya. Through her unique lens, Gail takes us on journeys around the world, exploring culture, history, religion, tradition and ritual from the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Produced by Cultural Jambalaya’s Kevin May and ProjectExplorer’s Zoe D’Amato, Seen By Me is the result of a wonderful collaboration between two non-profit organizations with the same mission: to create and produce original, cultural educational content and distribute it online without charge.

Seen By Me is crafted for an audience of 7-13 year olds, but Gail’s travels and experiences are inspiring to people of all ages! Kids are encouraged to document and share their own observations on social media, using the hashtag #SeenByMe... and with ProjectExplorer’s current audience of nearly 6 million students, we’re in for an exciting, engaging and eye-opening online adventure!